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Traceability of blockchain drugs

Issuing time:2020-10-28 16:16

Traceability of blockchain drugs: co construction of integrity ecology of supply chain

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The value of blockchain traceability is not only in terms of technological innovation, but also brings new ideas to the thinking mode and business model. On October 14, the 24th China International Pharmaceutical (industry) exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (china-pharm) and the 85th China International Pharmaceutical API / intermediate / packaging / Equipment Fair (API) were held in Nanjing International Expo Center on October 14 During the exhibition, sun Xuejun, general manager of Xi'an Global Printing Co., Ltd., said at the blockchain Traceability Technology Conference held by Universal Printing Co., Ltd., the blockchain traceability scheme makes the drug supply chain more transparent, patients can obtain and use drugs more safely, pharmaceutical enterprises are more likely to gain the trust of patients, and the management of regulatory departments is more effective, so as to jointly build the drug supply chain Integrity ecology.

"Good manufacturing practice for drugs" clearly requires that every activity related to drug production should be recorded to ensure that the activities of product production, quality control and quality assurance can be traced. However, the exposure of the previous problem vaccine has exposed many problems in the production and circulation of drugs. How to realize drug traceability? This makes the application of blockchain technology in the field of drug traceability become particularly urgent.

Sun Xuejun said that the blockchain traceability system is a supplement and improvement of traditional traceability methods such as electronic supervision code, making it more integrated and intelligent. At present, the blockchain traceability system is still in the process of development and experiment.

Specifically, what can blockchain anti-counterfeiting traceability system do for drug traceability? How to apply blockchain technology to vaccines? Shang Weiping, deputy general manager of Xi'an ebolock Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of global printing, pointed out that blockchain technology has the characteristics of data decentralization, non tampering, openness and anonymity, which can ensure the authenticity, integrity and intelligence of traceability data. In vaccine application, it can realize one-stop chip implantation, automatic loading of production date in packaging process, etc Data, improve production efficiency. In drug circulation, vehicles are monitored in real time and loaded with unsealed alarm devices. Property transfer data are recorded spontaneously. Consumers can automatically associate their identities through NFC function of mobile terminals. Information such as production, storage, logistics, distribution, purchase, use and adverse reaction tracking are recorded in the whole process. At the same time, the needs of patient education and medication reminder are loaded to make patients have a record Record the complete e-immunization passport.
Undoubtedly, the integrated application of blockchain technology plays an important role in the new technological innovation and industrial transformation. However, the comprehensive promotion of blockchain drug traceability is not achieved overnight. Sun Xuejun said that the current "two vote system" and the "one vote system" currently implemented by the state have made the largest standardization and development plan for the industry. In the future, it will definitely develop towards a more secure, transparent and intelligent direction. The blockchain traceability system in the incubation period is expected to receive the joint efforts and support of the manufacturing, logistics, regulatory and social stakeholders